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Sauna World

It’s time to work up a good sweat!

No matter what your taste, our sauna world has something that’s right for you: from pleasant 60 °C in the new family swimsuit sauna to 90 °C in the traditional Finnish sauna. And when you are ready to cool off after the sauna, you also have a number of different options available to you...

Finnish saltwater sauna

A 90 °C sauna session has positive effects on the vegetative nervous system and your general wellbeing. It also stimulates the cardiovascular system and promotes the strengthening of your body’s own immune defenses.

Swimsuit Sauna

At a temperature of 60 °C, your body is detoxified and allergies inhibited. A visit to the swimsuit sauna strengthens your immune system, improves skin complexion and has positive effects on the respiratory system.

Organic Clay Sauna

The pleasant radiant 60 °C warmth and the perfectly regulated humidity of the solid clay walls are kind on your cardiovascular system and your mucous membranes.

Aroma Steam Bath

The interplay of warmth (50 °C) and humidity with natural aromas stimulates blood flow, cleanses the skin, relieves muscle tension and soothes the respiratory passages.

Infrared Cabin

Thanks to its long-wave radiant heat, the infrared cabin provides energizing warmth (from 30 °C) for the whole body (improving blood flow to muscles, increased blood circulation in general, reduction in pain conditions etc.)!

Spa-Shower Path

A unique shower experience for pleasant reafreshment combined with pure good fun. Press the different buttons and expect all kinds of water surprises!

Glacier-Ice Fountain

A wonderful means to cool off after a session in the sauna, with fresh glacial ice from the Kitzsteinhorn - what better way could there possibly be to refresh and invigorate?

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Good to know:

Children and teens under 16 are not allowed in the sauna area, since this is a nude zone. For kids under 16 as well as guests who prefer to wear their swimsuits, we do offer a “Swimsuit Sauna” (60°C) next to the indoor pool.

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